The meaning of the word Base is: the bottom section that sustains a bigger item or thing


Below the Statue of Liberty on its base is an inscription welcoming and calling for any immigrants who want to make the United States their home.

published by Nannie on 2021-05-18 07:39:07

While standing at the base of the Washington Monument, the little boy looked high into the sky to see the top of the structure.

published by Rebekah on 2021-07-14 07:22:04

Once the Egyptian slaves built the base of the pyramid, it would take years of hard work to build each level of the structure.

published by Myrl on 2022-01-07 20:59:41

If a bone in the base of the skull should break, it will cause the rest of the head to bob around due to lack of support.

published by Stephen on 2021-09-29 01:53:42

Usually a base is erected at the bottom of an obelisk since the narrow tall monument needs support.

published by Lela on 2021-03-29 17:48:20

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