The meaning of the word Cupola is: a small dome or vault pertaining to a roof


Instead of a steeple, a domed cupola was structured at the peak of the Catholic cathedral.

published by Hanh on 2021-10-18 11:48:10

As early as the 5th century, architects began adding a dome-shaped cupola to the top of many tall buildings.

published by Numbers on 2021-07-27 14:04:32

Keeping the ancient cupola intact was crucial during the remodeling process.

published by Sharilyn on 2022-01-05 03:24:44

The bell tower’s cupola served more as a lookout than a vault during the Revolutionary War.

published by Kendall on 2021-10-04 18:29:24

The cedar gazebo, complete with lattice work and a domed cupola, has been there for decades.

published by Lan on 2022-01-04 09:49:18

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