The meaning of the word Dandy is: quality of being really great or awesome


They played a dandy game of golf and finished with almost perfect scores.

published by Lindsy on 2021-03-03 14:55:40

The espresso is just dandy at the Italian restaurant.

published by Jonelle on 2021-01-29 21:20:42

Her parents congratulated her on a dandy performance in the local play.

published by Lakeesha on 2021-10-07 07:44:32

The prom committee did a dandy job decorating the gym to look like a Parisian cafe.

published by Parthenia on 2021-05-13 15:57:41

Mark thought it would be dandy if he passed all of his exams and got early admission into his favorite college.

published by Suzann on 2021-03-02 01:06:13

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