The meaning of the word Penumbra is: something that conceals, encloses, or cloaks something else


A penumbra of snow covered the city during the blizzard.

published by Annabelle on 2021-08-12 19:18:28

After the newspaper published a story about the senator’s extramarital affair, a penumbra of indignity enclosed the politician’s career.

published by Elvie on 2021-10-04 17:17:50

A penumbra of fear fell over the town when five killers escaped from a nearby prison.

published by Mozelle on 2021-10-07 08:33:03

During an eclipse, one heavenly body will act as a penumbra when it begins to cover the outline of another celestial body.

published by Chance on 2021-02-07 09:22:21

April was so blinded by the penumbra of love she didn’t realize her affection for Hank was one-sided.

published by Karol on 2021-05-26 14:30:04

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