The meaning of the word Perception is: a way of understanding or regarding a particular subject


Your perception of the world around you is dictated primarily by your five senses, and how you understand the world changes drastically if you are lacking one of them.

published by Rubin on 2021-09-01 11:28:54

Drivers in America have a slightly different perception of the craft than their European counterparts, since they are used to driving on different sides of the road.

published by Marylouise on 2022-01-02 20:39:21

The reason it is dangerous to drive while under the influence of alcohol is because the substance will affect your perception of the physical world around you, greatly increasing your chances of a crash.

published by Jodie on 2021-02-20 08:44:19

Hallucinogens negatively affect your perception by causing you to see and hear things that aren’t really happening, which can be dangerous in many environments.

published by Danial on 2021-08-04 06:48:26

Your perception of the world is affected by the way you’ve been raised and the events you have experienced in life, though there are other things that can mold your understanding of the world.

published by Whitney on 2021-01-26 08:39:20

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