The meaning of the word Perforce is: because of circumstances or necessity


The paroled criminal must perforce obey the law or otherwise he will be imprisoned again.

published by Yahaira on 2021-05-20 23:19:36

Perforce, I have to eat rice for dinner because I’m broke and have no other options.

published by Cindi on 2021-09-09 14:15:07

Because John has been out of work for six months, he is selling his car perforce.

published by Miyoko on 2021-05-12 19:08:52

After driving around aimlessly for several hours, my husband perforce asked for directions.

published by Mable on 2021-07-28 03:58:58

Perforce, people must obey the laws or chaos will reign in society.

published by Carmela on 2021-09-02 21:07:24

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